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Spaniels Spaniel (English Springer)

KC Registered English Springer Spaniel bitch


  • KC Registered English Springer Spaniel bitch
  • KC Registered English Springer Spaniel bitch
  • KC Registered English Springer Spaniel bitch
  • KC Registered English Springer Spaniel bitch
  • KC Registered English Springer Spaniel bitch
Price : £1,200(Fixed)
Type : Dog for Sale
Date : 21st October 2021
Age : 18 months
Breeders Licence Number (required if more than 3 litters a year) : N/A
Location : Plymouth, UK

We are sad to be selling Nell, she is a very well bred English Springer Spaniel bitch. The sire has qualified for the ESS Champs 4 times ++ and mum is a multiple award winning bitch.


She is 17 months old and ready for advanced training. I have done some basics with her so she quarters well and is a reasonable retriever but certainly not fully trained and comes with some quirks which I will details in a sec!


We are moving house and lack the room has forced the sale.


In all my adverts I will tell you the good the bad and the ugly and price a dog accordingly so you know exactly what you are getting into and can make a decision based on the reality of owning this dog.


The Ugly!


She will happily (WORD REMOVED) on your living room floor!! She lives outside in a kennel with other dogs and if you don’t let her out regularly she will happily (WORD REMOVED) in the Kenel as well.

She is one person dog and nervous around new people so be prepared for some under car hiding or a nervous squeal during the bonding process. Once she trusts you though all will be fine and her true affectionate loyalty will come through.

She’s a shallow greedy cow and will trust you much quicker if you feed her treats and massage her during meal times!

She prefers women, but may need a strong handler if you plan to work her as she goes like a train. Im a man and she likes me but she seems to trust women quicker.

She will eat your pet parrot or anything else fluffy and hoppy so if you plan to have her inside please think about this to avoid feather and fluff carnage!

She’s a young dog and will happily chew anything including the your pine dresser family air loom. So best to not leave her unattended in the house and protect your Kenel accordingly.

Would need a lot of work to trail her but the potential is there, will make a cracking beating/rough shooting dog.

Biggest weakness at the minute is retrieving (WORD REMOVED) birds, rabbits no issue. (Not been exposed to feather much at all! Seems to love pigeons though so im sure with patience the bigger birds won’t be an issue.

She won’t jump in the car and will probably roll on her back and (WORD REMOVED) in the air. (THROW FOOD IN FIRST AND JOB SORTED) once in the car she’s fine and this process is improving a lot.

Did I mention she loves food.

In my opinion she needs a bit more liver colour to her head and she a big strong bitch. Depending on your opinion you may like or dislike this. One thing is for sure she won’t tire easy and will work all day.


The Good!


FTCH X multiple FTAW Bucklawren Krusoe to Jarailstar Piquet

No noise when hunting, worked on rabbits and pheasants and not a squeak.

Hunts hard and won’t peg, she almost points.

Turns on whistle when quartering

Half an idea what the stop whistle is but I don’t enforce this until they hunt well. She may well creep back to you a little to begin with.

Likes seen retrieves and blinds are improving.

Water was an issue but we’ve cracked that now. Chuck a (WORD REMOVED) in and she will dive right in.

Not gun shy at all.

Starting to understand that cover holds birds and not shy to have a look.

All the necessary papers KC, Tail, Micro chip etc. No she’s has not had hips, elbows or eyebrow tests so please don’t ask. Sire is unaffected by MRD, GPRA, CPRA, (20/04/2018) PLA Grade 0, Fucco, Clear (cord 1) clear. All as should be for a spaniel.




£1200 for a quick sale no offers so don’t ask.


Dogs have been selling for stupid money so I will be choosy about who you are and why you are buying her. She has a few quirks which I’ve been completely honest about and priced her accordingly.



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